The treatment and photographic restoration of the Botanists Portrait Collection

The video shows dust removal and treatment of the photographs, the restoration of the glass plate negatives and restoration of framed photographic prints.

The digitisation of the Botanists Portrait Collection

Educational and informational video on some phases of digitisation of the collection.

Footage on the exhibition Volti e luoghi dei botanici: i ritratti dei botanici e i loro viaggi (Faces and Places of Botanists: Portraits of Botanists and their Journeys) (3-8 March 2008)

The exhibition comes to life through portraits of botanists and their adventurous history looking for plants in faraway countries in Asia and the former Italian colonies in Africa.

Padua August 1944

The video features a reprisal during the Italian Social Republic: the execution of ten partisans took place on 17 August 1944 in Padua.

The film was made with three posters and two photographs that are part of Collection of posters of the Italian Social Republic.