Photographic collections

Enrico Bernardi Archive – Photos

Collection of pictures, letters, manuscripts, abstracts, brochures, posters by and about Enrico Bernardi, preserved at the Enrico Bernardi Museum of Machines of the University of Padova.

The original photographs illustrate Bernardi’s works such as the three-wheeled car with its 42-2 registration plate, built in Padua by the Miari & Giusti Company in 1894. The vehicle registration document is preserved in the archives of the Automobile Club d’Italia in Padua. The car itself runs perfectly and can be “driven” on the road without any alteration of its original parts.


Photograph of Enrico Bernardi with his daughter Pia and son Lauro with a motor bike

CASREC Photo Archive

Images related to the War and the Resistance in Padua and in the Northeast.

Brigata Sette Comuni

“Seven Towns” Brigade – “Ortigara” Alpine Division

Iuav Iconographic Archive

The persons, places and events in the history of the Università Iuav di Venice as told in pictures.

It should be noted that within the photographic collections of the Venetian universities there are “educational” collections about Libya:

Travel experiences in Libya from 1913-1914 by Ca’ Foscari and The study trip to Libya, 1937 by IUAV.


The headquarters in San Trovaso: Painting studio

Metelli Archive
Series 7: Experimental Material
File 63: Transparency. Photos of experimental panels

A selection of 22 photographs from File 63 are presented. The file includes 601 photographs and 163 photogram negatives of figures in black and white and greyscale relating to studies on transparencies.

Library of Padua’s Botanical Garden: stand-alone photographic plates from Anthropology texts dating from the end of the nineteenth century, photographic plates from the book La Botanique de la Bible and four photo albums

Studii antropologici sui Lapponi (Anthropological Studies of the Lapps) / by Paolo Mantegazza and Stéphen Sommier. Florence, 1880. The book contains 41 albumin photographic prints.
Studii sulla etnologia dell'India (Studies on the ethnology of India) / by Professor Paolo Mantegazza. - Florence, 1886. The book contains 30 albumin photographic prints.
La botanique de la Bible / by Frederic Hamilton. - - Nice, 1871. The book contains 25 albumin photographic prints.
[Botanical Gardens - Gardens], [Ca. 1902-1935]. - 1 album (68 photographs and photomechanical reproductions)
[Peaches of the Veneto Region], [1920-1930?]. - 1 album (56 photographs)
[Plants in the Verona region], [1929-1932]. - 1 album (15 photographs)
R. Botanical Garden of Palermo, 1916. - 1 album (17 photographs)


Photo Archive of the Ceremonial Service and Events at the University of Padova. Restricted access to the collection (Contacts).

Gallery of the Botanical Gardens

Images of the Padua’s Botanical Garden from 1880 to 1992 and of other botanical gardens, gardens and Italian and foreign sites.


Padova, R. Botanic Garden

Botanists Portraits Collection

Portraits of Italian and foreign botanists from the second half of the seventeenth century to the first half of the twentieth century. The collection consists of photographs, glass negatives, prints, watercolours, drawings, paintings and photomechanical prints.


Students of Natural Sciences

Geologists Portrait Collection

Portraits of Italian and foreign geologists, naturalists and scientists. The collection, kept in the archives of the Library of Geosciences at the University of Padova, consists of 115 photographs collected in an album dedicated to Giovanni Omboni with 42 handwritten dedications.


One page of the Album dedicated to Giovanni Omboni

Asiago Astrophysical Observatory


Osservatorio atrofisico di Asiago


Museum of the History of Physics - Pre-cinematic tools

Collection of instruments relating to the projection of images and the study of vision and optical illusions.

History of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice - Civil and Religious Celebrations

Photos of religious ceremonies, academic year inaugurations, visits of authorities, events from the Fascist period, etc.

History of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice - Ca’ Foscari teachings 1868-1950

The history of the University’s teaching and the development of its learning programme is presented through documentary or photographic evidence, teaching programmes, course schedules, and statistics over the years 1868-1950.

It should be noted that in the Venetian universities’ photographic collections house “study” collections on Libya: Ca’ Foscari’s travel experiences in Libya in 1913-1914 di Ca' Foscari e IUAV’s study tour to Libya, 1937.


Soldiers in front of the former Turkish Castle in Benghazi