In memory: posthumous testimonies of life and works

On 17 June 1915, a few days after the death of Antonio De Toni, on 8 June, his father Ettore sent a letter to the Prefect of the Botanical Garden of Padua, Pier Andrea Saccardo, in which he recalled his fallen son:

You, who knew him as a pupil, were able to appreciate his beautiful qualities. He wanted to offer himself, even if not called, for his Country and he sacrificed his life, leaving us in tears. His career, his beloved studies, everything is broken by the enemy bullets, but our heart is broken over all.
Forgive, dear professor, a father and always believe me yours

Ettore de Toni

[Lettera di Ettore de Toni a Pier Andrea Saccardo]

[Lettera di Ettore de Toni a Pier Andrea Saccardo]

Cartolina postale manoscritta intestata: Lega fra gli insegnanti della Città e Provincia di Venezia (sezione secondaria) Datata: Venezia li 17 giugno 1915 Timbri: Venezia 12-13 18.VI 1915 ferrovia ; 14 ; Verificato per censura


De Toni, Ettore (Autore)
Biblioteca dell'Orto Botanico di Padova (Autore della digitalizzazione)
Saccardo, Pier Andrea (Precedente proprietario)
Saccardo, Pier Andrea (Addressee)





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 A few days later, during the meeting of the Geological Committee in Rome on June 26, 1915, Mario Cermenati gave a speech in memory of his colleague and soldier.



In October of the same year, his uncle Giambattista keep alive the memory of his nephew, who had followed in his university career, psublishing a short article In memory of Antonio de Toni in the magazine he edited, Nuova Notarisia. Here the uncle retraces the scientific path of his nephew. 



After the war, the memory has not yet been affected either by time or by war: in 1925 the magazine L'alpino (The alpine) recalls Antonio De Toni as A Hero of Monte Piana.


Antonio de Toni. Un eroe di Monte Piana. (10 giugno 1915)

Antonio de Toni. Un eroe di Monte Piana. (10 giugno 1915)

Articolo de "L'alpino" in ricordo di Antonio De Toni. Sigla dell'autore: C. T. La data nel titolo si riferisce alla morte di Antonio De Toni, avvenuta in realtà l'8 giugno del 1915. Data di pubblicazione desunta dal riferimento al 6. congresso dell'A.N.A. dell'agosto 1925.

Article of "L'alpino" in memory of Antonio De Toni. Author's signature: C. T. The date in the title refers to the death of Antonio De Toni, which actually took place on June 8, 1915. Publication date inferred from the reference to the 6. congress of the A.N.A. of August 1925.


Biblioteca di Geoscienze - Università di Padova (Autore della digitalizzazione)






The University of Padua places a plaque at the Faculty of Engineering, dedicated to its fallen scholars and students in the Great War: the list in alphabetical order is preceded by the name of Antonio De Toni, who was the first to die.


foto: Vittorio Dal Piaz


In 1933 the geological map 1:100,000 of Ampezzo is published, which also reproduces the geological surveys of Cadore by Antonio De Toni.


Ampezzo. Carta Geologica delle Tre Venezie 


In 1991 Stefano Manfrin and Paolo Mietto review some fossils, already studied by Antonio De Toni, and relocate them in a new genre, which they dedicate to him with the name of Detoniceras, on the centenary of his birth.



On 7 June 2015, on the centenary of his death, a plaque was placed between the Pyramid of Carducci and the summit cross of Monte Piana, right at the point of the clash in which the Sub-lieutenant De Toni was mortally wounded. On the plaque it is recalled that De Toni had been awarded the bronze medal for military valor.


foto: Vittorio Dal Piaz